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  • Bundy’s Buddies:
    Who Agrees with Outlaw Rancher Cliven Bundy About Public Lands?

    A growing fringe of Western politicians believe the U.S. government should not manage public lands for the benefit of the public, and they should instead be seized by the states or sold off to the highest bidder.

  • What are the Problems with States Seizing Public Lands?

    They belong to all of us, Westerners are against it, it is unconstitutional, and it is a waste of our money.

Elected Officials That Support States Seizing Public Lands:

What are the Problems with States Seizing Public Lands?

Public lands belong to all Americans
Federal public lands belong to all Americans and are managed for our mutual benefit. By seizing public lands, special interests are infringing upon a uniquely American idea: that there are places held in trust for all Americans – present and future – to hike, fish, camp and hunt.

Westerners are against it
Public opinion research has found that Westerners deeply value their public lands and do not subscribe to the views of politicians who wish to seize or sell-off public lands. For example, the February 2014 Colorado College “State of the Rockies” poll found 72 percent of Westerners are less likely to vote for a candidate who supports selling public lands to reduce the deficit.

It is unconstitutional
The Property Clause of the U.S. Constitution gives Congress authority over federal property, and on multiple occasions the U.S. Supreme Court has described that authority over public lands as “without limitation.” And, when Western states joined the Union, they did so under the condition that the right and title to federal lands would remain with all Americans.

It’s expensive and a waste of taxpayer dollars
Unconstitutional proposals to seize public lands are a boondoggle, amounting to a waste of taxpayer money on an effort that is neither feasible nor possible. A study in Idaho determined that – even if land seizure efforts were feasible – the state could lose $2 billion over 20 years if it had to assume responsibility for the management of federal lands.

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